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Andover.Net Offers Web-based HTML Tools

Andover.Net Tuesday launched HTMLWorks, a new online application for creating and editing Web pages online through a browser.

HTMLWorks is Andover.Net's second e-Tool and one of a variety of free resources available on the site.

Features on the HTMLWorks editor include the ability to fetch a web page from a web address, FTP it back, save it to a hard drive, or display a printable version of the code. The application can search and replace attributes in FONT, IMG, anchor and TABLE tags, as well as plain text. Other features include Validate HTML, Check Links, measure document size including embedded images, a popularity checks how many other Web sites link to yours and Search Rank indicates how well the Web site ranks in popular search engines.

All processing is done on Andover.Net servers with a Windows-like The application is free-of-charge and works with all platforms including Mac, Linux and Unix.