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O'Reilly Releases Perl Titles

O'Reilly & Associates has released a suite of six popular Perl books on a single CD-ROM.

The Perl CD Bookshelf contains the titles Programming Perl, Learning Perl, Perl in a Nutshell, Perl Cookbook, Learning Perl on Win32 Systems, and Advanced Perl Programming.

The browser interface on the CD ROM provides a search feature which scans through the indices of all six books at once. Cross-referencing between the books has been included through the use of hyper-text links.

The "Perl CD Bookshelf", which includes the six books on a searchable CD-ROM as well as a hard copy of "Perl in a Nutshell", sells for $59.95. Two of the books are commonly referred to by their animal covers, the "Camel book" and the "Llama book".

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