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Vanguard Ships AI Package

Vanguard Software Corp. Thursday introduced DecisionScript, a software package for building Web sites that use artificial intelligence.

DecisionScript tracks a visitor's session and interacts by asking questions and dynamically constructing individualized Web pages.

DecisionScript treats all interaction with a particular visitor as a single session and processes feedback with a variety of decision-making techniques. Uses for DecisionScript include stock valuation, targeting sales and performing medical diagnoses. An example of one application is available for viewing here.

The DecisionScript application includes two products that are sold separately: DecisionScript Author and DecisionScript Server. The author ($395) is a graphically- oriented development platform used by Web site developers. The server ($1995) is used to publish completed DecisionScript applications as Web sites or Web site components. Both require Windows 95, 98, or NT.

The DecisionScript Server can be used in conjunction with any Web server software or it can be used alone to host a Web site. A free trial is available at the company's Web site.