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NetMechanic Upgrades Browser Compatibility Service

NetMechanic this week upgraded its browser compatibility service to include the latest release of Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 5.0.

NetMechanic's Browser Compatibility service determines which browser variety hosts each HTML tag, reports popularity statistics and informs developers which tags on the page can be used.

Using NetMechanic's Browser Compatibility service, Web developers will know the total percentage of their site's visitors who are unable to see certain tags. The service was designed to enable Webmasters and designers to keep pace with the ever-evolving standards and diversity of Web browsers. The two most commonly used browsers are Internet Explorer and Netscape, and each new version displays Web pages in a different manner.

The upgraded service allows Web professionals to design and test a site without going through dozens of grueling previews. NetMechanic Browser Compatibility reduces a site's time to market while increasing the quality of the design, which can result in substantial cost savings. The process only requires users to log onto the NetMechanic Web site and type in the URL of their Web page.

The database utilized by NetMechanic's service is equipped to track 2,500 HTML tags and attributes and continues to be enhanced to accommodate new browsers and features. The NetMechanic Browser Compatibility service also tracks Cascading Style Sheets, a major area for browser compatibility problems.