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Tetranet Software Releases Linkbot Enterprise 1.0

Tetranet Software Friday released Linkbot Enterprise 1.0, its next generation e-testing solution.

Linkbot Enterprise is a database-driven Web site management solution that Tetranet is billing as "the only product on the market that will effectively scan large, enterprise-wide websites containing 150,000 to several million links."

Linkbot Enterprise features customizable reports which enable senior management, team leaders, and developers to determine the status of their sites, monitor quality issues in specific areas and compare the levels of quality between various development teams, business units and competitors in the market.

Linkbot Enterprise provides a complete reporting and quality analysis solution, with four key features which enable it to meet the specific needs of enterprise-wide Web sites.

  • Linkbot Enterprise can scan sites of unlimited size
  • Linkbot Enterprise stores information into a SQL database, which allows greater scalability
  • Generation of customized HTML or ASP reports enable managers to create customized reports for each individual on their team
  • Automatic generation of email messages allows team members to have their own customized reports, and enables e-business managers to effectively work with Web developers distributed both in an organization or across the globe
Linkbot Enterprise 1.0 is available directly from Tetranet Software, with introductory pricing starting at $3,995.