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Sequoia Software Announces Xdex, XML Indexing Software

Sequoia Software Corp. recently released Xdex, a new eXtensible Markup Language indexing tool which enables users to perform indexing and context-sensitive searches across XML data and documents.

Xdex provides a cost-effective method of accurately accessing data in existing XML applications and data repositories. XML provides a method of specifying the markup of structured documents, with a consistent form and the methodology required for defining the meaning of content stored within a document. Xdex was designed to leverage the XML standard with its easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy indexing technology.

Features and benefits of this release include:

  • Easy-to-deploy - a wizard-driven configuration process speeds the setup process
  • Easy-to-use - Xdex continually gathers and accesses all XML data and documents, and can be scheduled to scan file systems, Web sites, and even databases
  • Automatic - Xdex enables users to automatically add new XML document structures to the index
  • Scalable - distributed spidering technology provides a scalable system for quickly and efficiently gathering XML content from large distributed systems
  • Highly flexible - Xdex provides the option of DTD validation, and enables complete context-sensitive searching
  • Customizable - Xdex provides a Web-based interface for searching and retrieving XML data
  • Transparent to end user - Xdex incorporates server-side eXtensible Style Language (XSL) to transform XML search results to HTML
Xdex will be available Oct. 1 for Windows NT, with a Unix version to be released soon thereafter.