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Flashline Unveils Components By Design

Flashline.com this week announced Components by Design, the first auction-based service for outsourcing software component development.

Components by Design allows companies to put software component specifications on auction for bidding by registered developers. This service will allow organizations quickly find qualified programmers to develop JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), COM, and CORBA components.

The Components by Design concept was developed to help narrow the gap between the supply and demand for qualified and experienced programmers. Flashline believes that Components by Design will reduce the problems caused by the IT labor shortage by providing organizations with access to a pool of experienced developers. This will allow these organizations to develop component-based applications faster, while significantly saving on the usual costs of recruiting, hiring, and training programmers.

Components by Design leverages the benefits of outsourcing and component-based development. Some of the advantages of Outsourcing at the component level over outsourcing entire software applications include:

  • A reduced risk outsourcing at the component level
  • Allows organizations to focus on core competencies
  • Organizations remain in control of the entire project
  • Delivered products are more likely to fulfill exactly what was requested

    Registration with Components by Design requires information on technical expertise, previous programming experience and certifications earned. This information is available for the requesting organization to review when developers place bids on the Request. In the end, the requesting organization decides which developer is better suited for the project based on its own criteria.

    Components by Design has recently expanded to include all major software component categories, including Java, COM, and CORBA. For a limited time, organizations can post their component requests at no charge. Also at this time, developers can register to become a Components by Design Developer.