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ISS Unveils ePatrol Scanning Service

Internet Security Systems this week launched its ISS ePatrol Scanning Service, an important outsource solution for the automatic detection and management of customers' security risks.

The new remote security management service is built around a technology foundation aquired through the ISS acquisition of NJH Security Consulting.

This week's announcement adds a new service to ISS' ePatrol service offerings designed to meet the security management requirements of companies that have Internet connections and digital assets to protect. ISS' ePatrol Scanning Service and additional Managed Security Services conduct 24x7 security monitoring and management of user's networks from its Network Operations Center (NOC).

These services allow ISS to deliver the software and outsource options customers require for comprehensive information protection across systems, databases, networks, services, and critical business and e-commerce applications.

The ePatrol Scanning Service assesses customers' perimeter systems remotely and automatically through the Internet and provides a "hacker's eye view" of security risks. After a scan is performed, a security report is generated that details the security risks in order of priority and provides the information and steps required to get rid of the security holes.

Additionally, ISS provides customers with guidance which helps them to improve their security, including telephone-based security consulting. The ISS ePatrol Scanning Service also includes "on-demand scans," which provides for the testing of security and awareness of new security risks as changes happen in the network.

ISS' ePatrol Scanning Service will be available directly from ISS or from an ISS service partner in October of 1999. Pricing starts at $10,000 and varies according to the size of the protected network.