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IBM Announces developerWorks Web Site

IBM Corp. Tuesday announced developerWorks, its free online resource that is devoted to open industry standards and designed to assist developers with the creation of better software.

IBM (IBM) also announced the developerWorks Open Source Zone, a forum for all of IBM's open source projects that will enable developers to submit changes and fixes to source code. In conjunction with this announcement, there is now a revamped developerWorks Security Zone that provides additional information about writing secure code.

developerWorks provides product- and platform-independent information for e-business application development. The site features a rich blend of tools, code, tips, news, tutorials, and how-to articles, and capitalizes on the experience and expertise of more than 100,000 IBM developers worldwide. Developers have access to information and technology previously only available to internal IBM users.

IBM hopes that the developerWorks Open Source site will become a central repository for all IBM open source projects. Developers will be able to suggest changes and fixes to the code. All of the source code provided on the site will have an "overseeing body," made up of developers from both inside and outside IBM who will review any changes suggested by users. If the suggestions are ratified by the group, the changes become part of the standard for the code.

Examples of the source code that will be featured at developerWorks Open Source include:
  • Jikes Java Compiler - enables developers to quickly create Java applications
  • IBM Classes for Unicode (ICU) - developers on a wide range of operating systems can enable their apps to work correctly in any country and in any language
  • Open Visualization Data Explorer - Data Explorer analyzes and creates visual representations of data
developerWorks is part of IBM PartnerWorld, a marketing and enablement program to create new revenue and market opportunities for IBM Business Partners and give customers e-business solutions.