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RealNames Opens Access to Keywords Platform

RealNames Corp. Wednesday opened access to its Internet Keywords platform with the creation of "developer zone," an application that lets users work in the public interface for addressing RealNames' platform routers, sample code and various support services.

The developer zone contains sample code for open source tools that have been Internet Keyword-enabled, documentation of the public interface for the platform routers. It will enable developers to create customized Net applications and devices, the company said.

"Opening the platform interface will enable application developers from every community to benefit from the human-friendly Web navigation we have created with Internet Keywords," said Keith Teare, president and CEO of RealNames. "In turn, they'll contribute to the implementation of Internet Keywords as the next generation standard for Web navigation across applications and devices."

Alternative Web browser firm NeoPlanet is one of the companies that benefits from the developer zone, said Teare. Internet Keywords are an important facet of the free Internet Desktop download that integrates a Web browser, e-mail client, instant messaging and many other features into a tight package.

"Like RealNames, our goal is to make the Internet as easy to use as possible and really enhance the user's experience," said Warren Adelman, vice president of business development at NeoPlanet.