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Watchfire Announces New e-Quality Testing Solution

Watchfire recently announced the Watchfire e-Quality Suite version 1.0, an integrated Web site testing solution.

Using the e-Quality Suite, customers can test a Web site's content, transactions and web application performance using a single integrated package of tools.

Wachfire e-Quality Suite features updated versions of Linkbot Pro, Linkbot Enterprise, Metabot Pro and Wisebot Pro, along with two new applications: Macrobot and Watchbot. The suite provides customers with an "end-to-end quality assurance solution":

  • Linkbot Pro - Automatically scans Web sites--with support for JavaScript, HTML 4.0 and FORM tags--for over 50 different types of problems. The tool generates detailed graphical reports which details specific errors that need to be fixed.
  • Linkbot Enterprise - Designed for large, enterprise-wide Web sites, specifically built with the team development environment in mind. Linkbot Enterprise stores a site's data in an SQL database; produces personalized reports using Active Server Pages in addition to standard HTML output.
  • Metabot Pro - Makes it a simple process for site managers to test compliance to metadata standards and automate the insertion of metatags in thousands of HTML and Microsoft Office documents simultaneously.
  • Macrobot - Automates the testing of e-commerce transaction applications, ensuring their successful deployment, thus reducing the need for manual testing and speeding time to market.
  • Watchbot - A Web application performance monitoring solution that simulates e-commerce transactions on a site at regular intervals. Watchbot then sends out alerts if the site's performance is unacceptable.
The Watchfire e-Quality Suite 1.0 is scheduled to be available in November.