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Evans Announces Results of North American Developer Survey

Evans Marketing Services Friday announced the results of the latest results from the North American Developer Opinion Survey.

This reference work, consisting of more than 430 pages, is the result of extensive, in-depth phone interviews conducted last month with more than 500 developers in the United States and Canada.

Results of the survey are cross-tabulated by type of applications developed, and they show clear distinctions between developers creating enterprise-wide applications for corporations and those creating commercial applications, custom applications, and applications for the Internet. Cross-tabulations are also provided for the C/C++, Java, and Visual Basic programming languages.

The North American Developer Opinion Survey series is a multi-client study published twice yearly by Evans Marketing Services. The survey takes a look at the attitudes and perceptions of developers, and then cross-tabulates several data points to profile the developers by their specific market segment. This latest release examines:

  • Language Usage Patterns
  • Platform use and migrations
  • Distributed architectures
  • Open Source Software and Linux
  • Modeling and UML
  • Performance Issues and Tools
  • Internet and Java Development
  • Development Tools
Evans Marketing Services provides custom quantitative and qualitative research for the domestic and international market, along with subscriptions to the continuing North American Developer Opinion Survey series, International Windows Developer Opinion Survey, Enteprise Development Management Issues and the Developer Marketing Annual Report.