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Internetnews.com's RSS Feed Goes Live

In a move aimed at simplifying the syndication of its daily top stories, internetnews.com has added an RSS feed that shuttles links to newsreaders and aggregators.

RSS, or Rich Site Summary , first developed by Netscape in the 1990s, allows newsreaders and aggregators to scrape links and article summaries for syndication. With the internetnews.com feed, users can easily access headlines of IT news without having to surf directly to the Web page.

The technology, which is very popular in the 'blogosphere' , is used primarily to syndicate news content but many companies have turned to RSS to update events listings, project updates and corporate announcements. (Here is a description of the many uses of RSS feeds).

Popular newsreaders used to access RSS feeds include Feedreader and NewzCrawler (Windows); AmphetaDesk and Radio Userland (multi-platform) or NetNewsWire (Mac).

On the enterprise side, RSS feeds can be access through content-focused software like IBM's WebSphere or the open-source Jetspeed.