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UnitedLinux Intros ISV Partner Program

The UnitedLinux consortium Wednesday took the wraps off an ISV partner program intended to help software vendors test and certify their applications on the UnitedLinux platform.

Through the new UnitedLinux Ready Partner program for ISVs, partners will be able to self-test their products and earn the "UnitedLinux Ready" designation. This entitles them to use a UnitedLinux Ready Partner logo, and opens the door to feature their products on the UnitedLinux and member companies' Web sites.

UnitedLinux member companies include Conectiva, SuSE Linux, Turbolinux, and SCO Group .

"We designed the UnitedLinux Ready Partner program to streamline and simplify the testing and certification process for ISVs," said Paula Hunter, general manager, UnitedLinux. "Our goal is to have as broad a range of applications as possible available to Linux users, and we are happy to assist ISVs toward this objective."

Those interested in the self-certification process may obtain a free, current developer's version of UnitedLinux through the consortium's Developer Zone. ISVs can then install and execute their applications on UnitedLinux, running them through the UnitedLinux Ready testing and validation tool. UnitedLinux said ISVs can also engage the services of any of the UnitedLinux member companies for help with certification and validation.

Once products pass the testing process, UnitedLinux said they receive UnitedLinux certification upon the execution of a letter of responsibility, signed by the ISV. The letter warrants that the product has been tested on the UnitedLinux platform and passed without interfering or changing UnitedLinux code; that the ISV agrees to support its customers who deploy the product on UnitedLinux; and that the ISV agrees to follow UnitedLinux rules for UnitedLinux Ready Seal usage.

UnitedLinux's program bears similarities to the 'Red Hat Ready' self-testing and certification program introduced by UnitedLinux rival Red Hat in April.

Red Hat's ISV partner program gives participating ISVs a number of benefits, including the listing of their applications and contact information on redhat.com, the listing of their applications on Red Hat's official application list for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and the use of the Red Hat Ready logo when promoting their applications.

Both Red Hat and UnitedLinux are part of Oracle's Unbreakable Linux partnership, which debuted its own ISV partner program in March. The Unbreakable Linux Partner Initiative goes even further in supporting ISVs, providing sales incentives, marketing funds, development and support resources to convince ISVs to jump onto the Unbreakable Linux bandwagon.

Oracle is convinced that customers are interested in moving to a low-cost server operating system like Linux, but they also want a single technical support number to call and classic enterprise-level application support. Providing that is the thrust behind Oracle's partnerships with Dell , Hewlett-Packard , Red Hat and UnitedLinux. The Unbreakable Linux Partner Initiative program further extends Oracle's support capabilities to its ISV partners.