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Apache Updates Popular HTTP Server

The Apache Software Foundation and The Apache Server Project Friday issued its latest upgrade to the Apache HTTP Server 1.3 family.

The operating environment was designed for UNIX OS variants and powers more than half of all Web sites, according to the latest Netcraft survey numbers. The open-source project recently released updates to its Apache 2.0 family for users on non-UNIX platforms.

Primarily a bug fix, Version 1.3.28 improves on 1.3.27 with more than a dozen patches including a new "ap_register_cleanup_ex" API function which allows for a "magic" cleanup function to be run at register time rather than at cleanup time.

The patches also improve the mod_usertrack that allows for a regular (verbose) as well as a "compact" version of the tracking cookie (the new 'CookieFormat' directive), and the ability to prepend a string to the cookie via the 'CookiePrefix' directive.

"We consider Apache 1.3.28 to be the best version of Apache 1.3 available and we strongly recommend that users of older versions, especially of the 1.1.x and 1.2.x family, upgrade as soon as possible. No further releases will be made in the 1.2.x family," the Foundation said in a statement.

The new version also fixes the rotatelogs support program on Win32 and OS/2 to ignore special control characters received over the pipe. Previously, such characters could cause it to quit logging and exit.

Members of the Hitachi Incident Response team found that error could cause the server to crash when going into an infinite loop due to too many subsequent internal redirects and nested subrequests.