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SCO Opens Bridge From OpenServer to UnixWare

Fulfilling a promise made in April 2002, SCO Group Thursday delivered the OpenServer Kernel Personality (OKP) for UnixWare 7.1.3, providing a way for SCO's OpenServer customers to migrate to its more robust UnixWare 7.1.3 offering.

OpenServer is one of the few Unices still on the market that conforms to the outmoded Unix93 standard (UnixWare conforms to the Unix95 standard, and the current standard is Unix98). It is most often used as a platform for relaying data from point-of-sale machines to back-end systems. But OpenServer has seen little in the way of development for years, and does not support much of the newer hardware available, meaning that hardware choices for OpenServer customers are limited.

At the same time, many OpenServer customers have been content with what they have, and shown little willingness to migrate upwards, as shown by SCO's failed past attempts to sway OpenServer users and resellers to move to its UnixWare product line. Part of that can be attributed to UnixWare's increased expense, but also due to the expense of porting existing OpenServer applications -- which do already do the job -- to UnixWare.

OKP is intended as the answer for these customers by providing a bridge that will allow applications written for OpenServer 5.0.4 and later to run on UnixWare.

"OKP provides more choices for OpenServer customers," said Jeff Hunsaker, senior vice president of marketing for SCO. "They can choose to continue to update their OpenServer environments, or they can use UnixWare 7.1.3 with OKP. Either way, the customer is assured that their investment in OpenServer applications is protected."

Those customers that choose to make the leap from OpenServer to UnixWare with OKP will see a number of benefits, SCO claimed, including increased reliability through Reliant HA Clusters, support for up to 32 CPUs per server, support for hot plug CPU, hot add memory, and hot plug PCI.

"For customers that have a need for these benefits, OKP is ideal because it protects your investment in OpenServer applications and avoids costly end-user re-training."

SCO said OKP is available immediately as an add-on to UnixWare 7.1.3 and can be downloaded from the Web. Beginning Friday, the company said it will be packaged into the UnixWare media kit.