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Lindows.com Launches Consultants Program

Hoping to build momentum for its operating system, Lindows.com Wednesday initiated its first official Consultants Program.

The San Diego-based software vendor said it is using the talents of independent technical experts in LindowsOS, to offer their expertise to homes, businesses and schools, informing them how to set-up, use and maintain the LindowsOS product line.

Consultants who join the program receive access to select resources, sales tools, and their personal or professional listing within the Consultant Program. Consultants are able to reproduce unlimited copies of LindowsCD for distribution to their clients as an introduction to LindowsOS. The company said their agents also receive a unique e-mail address and full access to the Lindows.com forum to ask and access answers in a timely fashion.

The announcement piggybacks off of the launch of LindowsOS 4.0, which is the first Lindows release with Plug & Play support, and the company said devices -- including flash memory devices, Smart Media, CDRs, hard disks and DVDs.

"With the launch of LindowsOS 4.0 we've set out to educate computer users on just how compatible, stable and affordable desktop Linux really is," CEO Michael Robertson said in a statement. "The Consultants Program is another resource for customers who want to learn more about LindowsOS, and how to deploy LindowsOS across their business, school or home environment from experienced LindowsOS users in their region."

Crafted with a Debian Linux kernel, the Linux OS runs Linux programs run natively, while Microsoft Windows software may be installed via CDs or downloads. Once installed, users click on a desktop icon or selection from a menu to launch the program per usual. Lindows.com assures that menus, dialog boxes and features operate as expected and at a comparable speed.

After their training session is complete, the company said its consultants can recommend a variety of LindowsOS low-cost, high-quality hardware options such as KooBox or Lindows.com's WebStation, an inexpensive PC powered for public access Web work.