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Lycos, Fast Announce Integrated Multimedia Search

Lycos Inc. and Fast Search & Transfer Monday unveiled a new multimedia search entitled Lycos RichMedia Search.

RichMedia Search provides a vertical search mechanism for locating pictures, movies, streams and sounds on the Internet.

Using the current catalog, which contains more than 17 million files, Lycos RichMedia Search is one of the most comprehensive sources available for finding multimedia files on the Web.

The new RichMedia Search engine creates a fully integrated results page that features all multimedia files. The user enters a keyword or phrase to obtain results that are automatically categorized into pictures, movies, streams and sounds. A search for "Star Trek" would return Star Trek image thumbnails, downloadable video, streaming video and a variety of audio format files, all logically grouped on the search results page.

Lycos believes that its RichMedia Search is easier to use than other multimedia search engines, as they tend to force a user to jump to multiple pages in order to view results for different multimedia formats. RichMedia also lets users further target their searches by choosing to search just one media category.