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NetMind Technologies Releases Search Tool

NetMind Technologies Inc. this week announced the launch of NetMind Search-it.

NetMind Search-it is a free remotely-hosted search engine that allows Webmasters to add search tracking capabilities to their sites. NetMind Search-it and Mind-it application will be integrated to provide the first search engine that tracks searches and notifies end-users when the results of their search change.

A Georgia Tech Internet users survey determined 87 percent of Internet users utilize search engines to locate Web sites or specific information. Even today, many sites do not provide search engines for their users. This means that there is still an opportunity for Webmasters to differentiate and enhance their sites to meet the requirements of their users.

NetMind Search-it has many unique features, including:

  • Catalog and search up to 500 Pages - each Web site is re-indexed periodically to incorporate new information and changes to the site
  • Persistent search - Mind-it empowers users to register for updates when new content is found that matches their search results
  • Free for Webmasters - NetMind Search-it is available for free to Webmasters
  • Easy to install - installing NetMind Search-it on your site is cut-and-paste easy