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Bluestone Releases Visual-XML 1.1

Bluestone Software Inc. Tuesday released Visual-XML 1.1, the "easy-to-use toolkit for creating XML applications."

This release expands the XML options for intra- and inter-company integration and simplifies the process of customizing dynamic XML applications.

For users of Bluestone XML Suite and Total-e-Business, Bluestone Visual-XML 1.1 provides easier application and data integration. New features of Bluestone Visual-XML are focused on expanding the reach of XML to customers, partners, and systems, and speeding the customization of XML-driven business systems.

The tool's new transformation engine and dynamic XML Stylesheet Language (XSL) engine work together to support a wide range of XML documents, DTDs, client devices, and user display preferences. The new Universal Listener Framework (ULF) Console provides users with point-and-click control of ULF services.

Key features in this release of Bluestone Visual-XML 1.1 include:
  • Transformation Engine - Bluestone Visual-XML uses a transformation engine that performs XML-to-XML document translations and DTD-to-DTD translations, and maps the incoming XML documents to a company's own format.
  • Dynamic XSL Engine - The dynamic XSL engine uses stylesheets to enable companies to distribute XML documents to any defined device, such as Web phones, pagers, Palm Pilots and of course PCs. The stylesheet lets a company customize the functionality and "look-and-feel" of the XML document on a per-user or per-device basis.
  • ULF Console - The ULF Console provides a point-and-click tool for setting and modifying the Mobile Device Server, Message Server, Queuing Server and Scheduling Server.
Bluestone Visual-XML is a Pure Java application, and as such, runs on all Java Virtual Machines on practically any platform.