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RSW Software Announces E-Test Suite 4.0

RSW Software Monday released e-TEST suite 4.0, a testing solution designed to meet the requirements of large scale Web applications.

Enhancements in this release include the ability to emulate tens of thousands of users on low-cost NT workstations, extend Visual Scripts using standard programming languages, and track server-side statistics to help detect performance bottlenecks. RSW believes that their new e-TEST suite 4.0 provides users with the power and flexibility to "handle the most challenging testing problems and still meet the highly compressed development schedules typical of Web applications." Key features of e-TEST suite 4.0 include:

  • Scalability - generate more loads per agent machine by increasing the page throughput up to 5 times over previous versions; can generate as many as 1000 virtual users per single-processor NT workstation and create tens of thousands of virtual users
  • Extensibility - fully extensible with standard programming languages to handle many testing challenges; the e-TEST Programming Interface provides programmatic access to every object on every page of a Visual Script; test "Scriptlets" can be inserted into the Visual Scripts, allowing users to extend the functionality by using VBscript
  • Server Side Diagnostics and Alarms - the "ServerStats" utility provides access to server-side statistics to help users isolate the cause of performance bottlenecks identified by e-LOAD; e-TEST suite 4.0 supports Solaris, Windows NT, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQLServer, Microsoft ASP, BroadVision, Oracle and others
  • Reporting - the e-REPORTER utility features enhanced graphing and reporting capabilities; the ability to view multiple test runs on a single graph, combine server-side activity and client-side metrics, and create a broad variety of customized Excel style graphs and charts
e-TEST suite 4.0 will be available for Windows-based platforms on Nov. 22. Pricing will start at $4995.