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NetMechanic Announces EngineStarter Site Promotion Service

NetMechanic this week announced EngineStarter, the first service in its Web site promotional tool suite.

NetMechanic's EngineStarter service was designed to help Webmasters by providing an efficient and cost-effective method for search engine registration.

NetMechanic's EngineStarter submits a site to the Top 100 search engines much faster than it is possible to manually submit a site to just one search engine. The service also provides Webmasters with the option to submit a site to 12 of the most popular search engines for free. This "preview" feature fits in with NetMechanic's philosophy of allowing users to sample NetMechanic products and services before they actually purchase the product or service.

When a Webmaster uses EngineStarter, it submits their site to the search engines, tracks responses from the engines, and then sends the results to the Webmaster via email. If a search engine rejects a submission, the e-mail will contain a link to that search engine, so the Webmaster can provide additional information that may result in a successful submission.

NetMechanic also has a Partners Program that allows these tools/services to be offered in conjunction with a user's own site maintenance and hosting services. These co-branded Partner sites allow users to have direct access to NetMechanic's site enhancement tools when they administer their hosted accounts.