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Tidestone Updates Formula One

Tidestone Technologies Tuesday launched an update to Formula One v7.0, its Java-based spreadsheet reporting and analysis toolset designed for enterprises building distributed applications on the Web.

Formula One v7.0.1 can now be used by developers using Java Development Kits (JDKs) v1.1.5 or later. Prior to the release of v7.0.1, the new features of Formula One v7.0 were compatible with only JDK versions v1.2.1 or later.

Formula One is an API-driven toolset that provides developers with a lightweight, cross-platform component for building spreadsheet-driven reporting, analysis, calculations, and data manipulation into applications deployed in distributed computing environments. Features new to v7 include the ability to read and write Excel 2000 files and Excel 2D charts, an enlarged workbook capacity, InfoBus support, and a rebuilt, faster calculation engine.

Although Formula One's primary use is as an analytical spreadsheet reporting tool, other functions include being a scalable calculation engine, distribution of data and spreadsheets on the Internet, read/write and Web-enablement of Excel files in Java, and providing data presentation and acting as a user interface design tool.

Written on the Java 2 platform with AWT and Swing support, Formula One provides native database connectivity methods, a full-featured spreadsheet engine for manipulating data, and many of the same formula, function, calculation, data formatting and charting options as Excel. Formula One was specifically built as a developer's tool with a small, cross-platform deployment footprint and complete property, method, and event model for building custom applications for the Web.

The company also offers a version of Formula One for the Active X platform.

A 30-day trial of Formula One v7.0.1 can be downloaded from Tidestone's Web site. A trial copy of Formula One ActiveX 6.1 or First Impression ActiveX 6.0 be downloaded there as well.

Tidestone is a privately-held company specializing in spreadsheet technology that encompasses networks and servers, Internet, intranet, client/server, cross-platform, and distributed environments. Its flagship product is currently Formula One.