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EnCompass Launches International E-Business Services

EnCompass Globalization Thursday launched its global Web services, a suite of e-business services that were designed to enable U.S. companies to market their products and services via the Internet to the Japanese market, which at the current time is the largest foreign e-commerce market.

EnCompass' suite of e-business services range from Web site localization and systems internationalization, to Japanese payment solutions, order processing, and customer relationship management. Additional e-commerce services include Japanese Web site development, localization of an English language site into Japanese, database integration and back-end support, customer support call centers in Japan, site promotion in Japan, and Japan-based order management and yen-based payment solutions.

According to International Data Corp., international markets will account for 45 percent of total e-commerce revenues by 2002, and specifically, Japanese business-to-consumer e-commerce is expected to total $30 billion by 2003, with business-to-business e-commerce totaling nearly $600 billion (stats from the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry). This international growth is attracting U.S. e-commerce companies to international markets, particularly in Japan.

EnCompass currently localizes Web sites into many different languages, but plans to initially offer turnkey market entry services for the Japanese market.