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Scriptics Announces XML-Based B2B Integration Platform

Scriptics Corp. Friday released a production version of Scriptics Connect, billed as the industry's "first easy-to-use XML infrastructure for developing business-to-business applications."

Scriptics also announced a beta release of Scriptics Connect v1.1, which for the first time includes support for the Red Hat Linux OS and Netscape Enterprise Web servers.

Scriptics Connect provides a complete development and deployment environment that allows companies to bring business-to-business applications to market five to 10 times faster than other approaches, according to Scriptics. The product utilizes a unique business logic paradigm that provides integration with a wide range of software component standards, enterprise applications, legacy software and Internet technologies. This reduces the time, cost and complexity of business-to-business application development.

Scriptics Connect enables server-to-server integration, allowing companies to develop business-to-business applications that connect to their suppliers, partners and customers. This allows them to automate procurement, order processing, inventory, shipping, order tracking and supply chain management. Scriptics Connect-based applications can reduce transaction costs and errors, increase inventory turns while reducing inventory costs and increasing flexibility in meeting customer and supplier requirements.

Scriptics Connect supports the latest industry standards, and as such, includes interfaces for COM/ActiveX, Java/Java Beans, ODBC/JDBC, native ORACLE access and support for interfacing with UNIX and mainframe legacy applications. The product is a complete XML platform, with robust, secure deployment and development tools. The platform transmits XML documents using standard Web servers and HTTP.

Scriptics Connect 1.0 ships with the Apache Web server on UNIX, and includes an interface for Microsoft IIS Web server on Windows NT. This release also provides support for the Red Hat Linux operating system and Netscape Web servers.