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WebSideStory Debuts Hitbox Provider Program

WebSideStory Wednesday unveiled its HitBox Provider Program which enables Web site hosting firms to provide their customers with remote, real-time analysis of their Web site traffic patterns and profiles.

The HitBox Provider Program gives partners "blocks" of HitBox Pro subscriptions at discounted prices so they can either resell them to subscribers or bundle them as value-added services. This allows hosts to offer their customers the ability to "modify and enhance their marketing and e-commerce efforts."

As an application service provider, HitBox Pro doesn't require any hardware or IT resources from hosting companies. No up-front investment is needed, which makes it easier and more cost effective for hosts to offer accurate, on-the-fly user statistics to their clients.

HitBox Pro provides information and statistics on Web visitors immediately after the visitor arrives at a site. WebSideStory claims HitBox Pro reports are more accurate than log file reports because HitBox only counts a page view when a page actually loads into a browser.

The service doesn't count requests from spiders, but does count pages served from proxy servers. Traditional methods of analyzing Web traffic often doesn't measure page views served from proxy servers and can have problems distinguishing a request for a page from an actual view.