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Mainstay Ships Browser-Based Web Page Editor

Mainstay this week launched OmniEdit.com, a Web site which provides a free service that lets users edit their Web pages anytime, anywhere, from a Web browser interface.

To utilize the OmniEdit service, a user visits the OmniEdit.com Web site, enters their FTP name, password, and path for any of their own pages. A text editor window then opens, displaying the HTML code to be edited. After making any changes, the user just clicks the "Save" button and the page is updated.

OmniEdit works with any site, and requires no set-up. The service supports all popular browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and the AOL browser on Windows 95/98, NT, Macintosh and Unix.

OmniEdit allows a user to quickly correct a typo, update a headline, price, and date, or correct broken or changed links, all on the fly, directly from a Web browser. OmniEdit.com doesn't require any FTP applications and there's no need to download the source file from the Web, or start an HTML editor, etc. Just visit the OmniEdit site and start editing. OmniEdit was designed to eliminate the time often wasted on "round-tripping" web files back and forth to a Web server.

OmniEdit's security is consistant with the security of a user's current FTP client, and is more like a transparent FTP client embedded in a Web page. Like traditional FTP clients, a name and a password are required for read/write access to Web pages, and no details are stored either on the browser or on the OmniEdit Web site.