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Oriole Systems to Release E-Mart Design SW

Oriole Systems, Inc. will release E-Mart Design SW, a turnkey e-business software package it developed with IBM and Magic Software, during the first quarter of 2000.

The application took more than a year to develop. It will run on the Linux, Unix and Windows NT platforms, and is designed to be used with eMerchant from Magic and the Net.commerce from IBM.

This initial release of the software package will perform purely e-business functions. Later releases of E-Mart Design SW will allow all business functions in an enterprise to work together, for example, customer relationship management and supply chain systems will be able to be linked or Web-enabled.

Oriole Systems' intent is to tailor its E-Mart Design SW package to meet customers' needs by integrating products from IBM and Magic.

IBM and Magic have partnered with Oriole Systems in other ventures, and they have been mentoring and supporting Oriole Systems' developments, a statement released by the company said.

Oriole Systems will continue to deploy new Web sites as part of its strategy to provide consulting and software development services.

This will enable the company to further develop Internet products and services as it innovates existing applications, such as defining database and critical functions for order fulfillment in e-commerce environments.

Oriole Systems oversees a family of long-standing data processing companies engaged in the design, development and support of financial management and marketing systems on an enterprisewide scale.

Its venture into e-business and Internet software will allow worldwide access to its systems.

Oriole Systems also offers comprehensive services to meet the needs of the full life cycle of a solution. Two international e-commerce projects it is currently involved with are the e-China Project and the Bangladesh Internet Mall Limited Project.

E-Mart Design SW will be launched on Oriole Systems' e-business site.