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Virtualis Systems Releases HiRize 4.1

Virtualis Systems Inc. this week released HiRize 4.1, an enhanced version of its suite of Web site creation and management tools.

HiRize 4.1 is designed to enable Web developers to build fully functional online storefronts in less than one day. It provides Web designers and developers with the ability to create and maintain e-commerce sites with point-and-click ease, thus giving less-technical users a way to get on the Web to sell goods and services.

HiRize 4.1's suite of 22 Web-based applications features faster load times, faster shopping cart and catalog creation, and an improved user interface.

HiRize 4.1 site manager tools simplify the administration of files, FTP accounts, e-mail and auto responders, POP accounts, virtual hosts, search engines, bulletin boards, chat rooms, Web logs, databases, and more. Its applications are compatible with FrontPage 98, Real Audio/Video, SSI, SSL, Java, JavaScript, C, C++, Shockwave, Unix, NT, MSQL, Perl, CGI, FTP, Telnet, IIS, and WPP.

Founded in 1996, Virtualis Systems is an application service provider that seeks to simplify small and midsize businesses' transition to the Web by offering a suite of applications and responsive customer service. The company develops and maintains applications to create and manage Web sites, and integrates hosting and e-commerce. Virtualis Systems claims an affiliate network of more than 43,000 IT professionals in more than 150 countries.

HiRize 4.1 tools are available with hosting options ranging in price from $36 to $1,499 per month. HiRize 4.1, and Virtualis Systems' other servers, can be ordered directly from the company's site.

More details about HiRize 4.1 can be found on Virtualis Systems' Web site along with a demo of HiRize.