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Innovision Corp. Releases OpenBox Laboratory

XML protocol vendor Innovision Corp. Thursday released OpenBox Laboratory.

The product enables developers to test ideas on key industry topics related to Java and XML, as well as to obtain an early look at the concepts and technologies that have been, or likely will be, employed in Innovision products.

Accessed from Innovision's Web-based lab, OpenBox is an XML-to-Java Transformation Facility that enables developers to create their own Protocol Specific Object Models (PSOMs), or browse and download existing PSOMs.

PSOMs are all-inclusive Java classes representing a protocol or document object model. OpenBox provides an easy way to develop XML-based applications using familiar object-oriented programming techniques. The product comes with an example application, and a tutorial provides necessary information in how to design, generate and use PSOMs.

Innovision's XML-to-Java Transformation Facility is based on a formal specification provided within OpenBox and includes information on related Java interfaces and specifications. OpenBox also contains Java and XML tools, specifications, and white papers useful for enterprise and industry application of XML protocols.

When Innovision introduces new technologies via OpenBox, it will provide customers with:

  • Background information that shows how the new technology relates to other technologies
  • The formal specifications on which the technologies are founded
  • White papers that summarize the technologies and explain their significance
  • Early access software that demonstrates the technology, and allows users to try it in their environments

Innovision seeks to enable corporations to reduce technology costs, expand market reach, and meet complex interoperability challenges through its products. Innovision technologies provide definitive structure for the digital future.

Innovision's products are targeted toward Fortune 1000 enterprises developing new systems to directly connect with customers and business partners. Current clients include Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Mellon Bank, T. Rowe Price, American Century, and Discover Card.