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Allaire Corp. Acquires Valto Systems

Allaire Corp. Tuesday acquired Valto Systems, an Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) server technology vendor, in a stock deal worth almost $34 million.

All outstanding shares of Valto will be exchanged for 225,000 shares of Allaire common stock.

Valto's employees will join Allaire's immediately. Valto's founder and chief technology officer, Imre Kifor, will move into Allaire's engineering management team to lead the development of EJB technologies, and Valto will move its operations to Allaire's headquarters in Cambridge, Mass.

Allaire (ALLR) plans to continue selling Valto's product, Ejipt 1.2, and will release a publicly available beta version of the next-generation of the product later this month.

The Valto acquisition will give Allaire customers enhanced support for e-business transactions, according to a statement issued by the company. It will enable Allaire to meet e-business infrastructure demands by bringing to market a standards-compliant server suite of Java2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) products that includes the following:

  • A JSP server with full support for the JSP 1.1 and Servlets 2.2 specifications
  • An EJB server compliant with the EJB 1.1 specification
  • A full Java transaction server based on the Java Transaction Architecture 1.0 specification
  • A full Java message queue server based on the Java Messaging Service 1.0 specification

Allaire believes its acquisition of Valto emphasizes its deepening commitment to Java, as EJB server technology will be leveraged throughout its e-business platform. The new Java technologies obtained in the acquisition will complement, support and integrate with Allaire's entire product offering.