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StarNine Releases G4-Optimized Server Suite

StarNine Technologies Inc. Wednesday released WebSTAR Server Suite 4.2 which has been optimized for the PowerPC G4.

Its processor-intensive Web serving components have been accelerated for the G4 Velocity Engine. The combination of WebSTAR Server Suite and the PowerPC G4 with Velocity Engine will allow WebSTAR to respond faster to requests, particularly for dynamically generated pages. WebSTAR Server Suite 4.2 is available now free directly from StarNine for current WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 and 4.1 users.

The WebSTAR Web Server and its WebSTAR Data Cache Plug-in are "vectorized" to fully utilize the 128-bit vector processing of the PowerPC G4 processor. Additionally, the majority of the other WebSTAR Server Suite components are also optimized for the PowerPC G4 processor.

Apple's Power Mac G4 is powered by the new PowerPC G4 chip created by Apple, Motorola and IBM. The Power Mac G4 achieves a supercomputer's level of performance with over one billion floating-point operations per second. Intel's own tests, which are published on their Web site, shows that the 500MHz G4 chip was 2.94 times as fast as the 600MHz Pentium III processor. WebSTAR Server Suite 4.2 has been specifically optimized to utilize these speed increases.

WebSTAR Server Suite 4.2 is available now for free to 4.0 and 4.1 users from the StarNine Web stie. WebSTAR Server Suite 4.2 sells for a retail price of $599.