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Inline Unveils iHTML 2.18 for UNIX

Inline Internet Systems Inc. this week released iHTML v.2.18, along with increased availability across UNIX platforms.

Inline believes that this gives them a competitive edge over similar applications from Microsoft Corp. and the Allaire Corp. in the dynamic Web application tool market. iHTML is a programming language used to build database-driven, interactive Web environments.

In response to the fact that UNIX is still used for the majority of the operating systems used by ISPs, along with the renewed interest in Redhat Linux, Inline has expanded iHTMLAEs availability to include more UNIX platforms. The product now supports Linux, FreeBSD, BSDi, SCO, HP-UX and Solaris.

The iHTML 2.18 Pro edition includes the iHTML Merchant 1.06 system, a customizable, turn-key software solution for small and medium-sized businesses. This system features browser-based administration, real-time credit card verification, banner ad management, 11 payment processor options and the ability to handle complex shipping and tax calculations. iHTML Merchant provides customers with a quick, easy method of putting high-end stores on the Web.

With more than 3400 stores on the Web using the iHTML Merchant system, Inline Internet Systems is confident that this release will further open the field for businessnes wanting to migrate to the Web.