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Bowerbird Computing Release XDBM v1.0

Bowerbird Computing today released XDBM, a free, embedded database designed specifically to handle XML.

XDBM is an XML database manager that developers can include in their own software. It is designed to allow individual programs to more easily use the XML files that they produce.

XDBM's database design gives it a major advantage over the other options available to programmers who want to make their program XML aware. Other programs frequently: are slow because they need to read the entire file to find out what it contains; do not enable XML files to be searched; and consume a great deal of memory because they need to load every required part of the file from the start.

XDBM attempts to overcome these shortcomings by:

  • Storing the XML in a preparsed format so programs do not need to read the entire file
  • Storing linked lists in the file to allow fast and easy searching of the XML graph
  • Using search functions to enable users to load parts of the XML file on demand

XDBM is a cooperative effort between Bowerbird Computing and the open source community. Bowerbird Computing does the marketing and management of XDBM, and pays royalties to software developers who contribute time, code or support services to the project.

XDBM can be downloaded from Bowerbird Computing's site. Versions for both Linux and Win32 are available.

The XDBM API is also based on the DOM standard.

Bowerbird's other two products are also open source. FreeDOM is a set of DOM-compliant interfaces to XDBM that can be used with various object-oriented programming languages, and libunicode is a set of string handling functions for Unicode, charset converters and modes for various editors.