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Demicron Releases Java-Based Web Tool

Demicron this week released WireFusion, a new Java-based programming tool.

WireFusion is a drag-and-drop visual programming tool designed to allow non-programmers to create Java applets and illustrations quickly and easily--knowledge of the Java language is not required.

WireFusion enables designers to use drag-and-drop techniques and visually connect preprogrammed objects using different functions, creating advanced, interactive Java applets and illustrations. The tool is a compact Java 1.0-compatible applet which can be used directly on the Internet. WireFusion doesn't require prior Java knowledge, and is intended primarily for professional developers, although the company believes it can also be used by programmers to speed up the development process.

WireFusion allows developers to quickly create Java banners, menus, illustrations and graphical marketing effects for the Web. The tool was meant to reduce the time spent programming and developing, providing results that are "fast, interactive and dynamic." Features include:

  • Java 2 application, so it will work on all Platforms that support Java 2
  • Advanced Real-Time Image-processing Filters
  • Supports Multi Layer Effects
  • Programmable 256-scale Alpha Channels
  • JPEG Image Sequence Generator
  • Publishing Wizard, including an FTP-client
  • Easy to add objects (plug-ins), even for third party developers
The shareware version of WireFusion is available for free downloading from the Demicron download page. The full version sells for $450.