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Web Crossing Updates Flagship Product

Web Crossing, Inc. Tuesday released an update to its online discussion software.

Web Crossing 3.1 is now faster, with Spell Checking, server-side JavaScript and more. The tool features self-scheduled backups, NNTP support, HTML-only chat, the implementation of XML-RPC and other enhancements and bug fixes. Also new for this release, the Unix version has a more efficient CGI interface.

With the integration of server-side JavaScript in version 3.1, Web Crossing now more customizable, making Web Crossing a dynamic application server. The inclusion of integrated server-side JavaScript provides an open-sourced, industry standard, object-oriented language that developers can use to create add-on modules for Web Crossing. Add-on components can become persistent objects that are stored in a database and can then be reused.

Web Crossing version 3.1 also features a new spell checker, along with a wide variety of other new features. The new server-side HTML-based chat is integrated directly into version 3.1, providing an alternative to Java-based chat. New NNTP support enables developers to incorporate Net News traffic directly into normal system traffic or into ongoing Web crossing discussions. An advanced housekeeping tool is included for moving individual messages.

With the release of version 3.1, all versions of Web Crossing will support robust clustered servers for redundancy, and easy scaling for higher traffic volume. A new CGI interface program which incorporates FastCGI support is now available for Unix site developers, providing faster server response time and greater overall efficiency.

Web Crossing is now priced on a new traffic-based sliding scale model, and is available now from the Web Crossing Web site. The update is free to version 3.0 customers.