RealTime IT News Announces CommunitySearch Wednesday announced its new CommunitySearch service which enables Web site owners to create a collection of searchable sites, or "micro-portals" from their own Web site.

By implementing CommunitySearch, site owners can create micro-portals to expand the breadth of their own content, enabling visitors to more easily search for information from a ring of related sites.'s site is the first application of CommunitySearch, and is being showcased at Upside Magazine's annual Showcase conference.

By using CommunitySearch along with's analytical reporting, Web site owners will know what other information visitors are searching for that cannot be currently found on their site.

Commercially, the first implementation of the CommunitySearch service will be for, a site that Searchbutton calls "the first, largest and fastest growing business-to-small business E-commerce (site) to provide community searching across their customer sites." The service will be available in the second quarter of 2000 to all customers.