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Flashline.com Adds Metamata Tools Quality Assurance Lab

Flashline.com and Metamata, Inc. have partnered in an effort to promote and improve the quality and efficiency of Java component development.

Flashline, a software component marketplace vendor, will use Metamata Metrics and Metamata Audit Enterprise testing tools in its newly formed quality assurance lab.

The quality assurance lab was created to help developers improve the quality, design, performance, and efficiency of Java-component-based projects.

Metamata's style, design, code quality metrics and audit rules will be an integral part of the testing services offered in Flashline's lab, a statement released by Flashline said. Testing for quality and design issues during the initial stage of development is a critical procedure to maintain that Java is coded in a uniform, standards-based manner.

Also, thoroughly tested code is generally easier to maintain as the development process progresses, and it increases the value and reliability of systems, the statement further noted.

Metamata's code structure analysis augments a series of other quality assurance tests offered in Flashline's lab. Such tests are designed to help corporate and enterprise developers, and software vendors improve software quality. Performance tests at the class and method levels are available to check for bottlenecks, memory leaks and deadlocks.

The tools offer load and performance tests for Enterprise JavaBeans to measure scalability and speed to ensure the highest performance and reliability during server-side component deployment.

Products developed in Flashline's lab are used by such companies as Amazon.com, Sun Microsystems, Lucent Technologies, and the National Security Agency.

Metamata's cross-platform tools for Java development are designed to enhance productivity and quality in enterprise Java application development. Metamata Audit qualitatively evaluates Java source code for style, programming errors, and performance weaknesses against a set of standard Java principles and coding practices. Metamata Metrics calculates global complexity and quality metrics statically from Java source code, helps organize code in a more structured manner, and facilitates the quality assurance process.

In addition to being used in Flashline's lab, Metamata Audit and Metamata Metrics can be purchased in Flashline's software component marketplace.

Flashline.com markets itself as a resource to research, buy and sell reusable JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, COM, and CORBA software components.

Metamata provides cross-platform tools for Java development, with a focus on enhancing productivity and quality in enterprise Java application development.