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GA eXpress Releases E-Business Tools

GA eXpress (GAUM), formerly General Automation, Tuesday released products designed to support its recently announced ePath strategy and enable enterprisewide e-business solutions.

The suite of platform-independent connectivity and e-commerce middleware products will give GA eXpress customers a way to build an industry-compliant foundation for migrating, manipulating, moving, and gathering business critical information electronically.

The new products are based on industry-standards and leading technologies, such as XML and Microsoft's Universal Data Access.

The product suite is intended to give enterprises a migration path to partnering, collaborating and conducting business online in order to make them e-business ready, Jane Christie, GA eXpress president and chief executive officer, said in a statement issued by the company.

GA eXpress' new e-business product line builds on the company's MultiValue database products and consists of the following products:

  • eTools Series: A series of eTools development kits designed to provide an environment to maximize client/server e-commerce, Web transactions, custom database-to-database applications and other functions of e-business
  • eTools XML: Migrates MultiValue data into the XML hierarchical data language, thus enabling enterprises to send and receive information from databases via a Web-based source
  • eTools OLE DB: Allows MultiValue-access applications that retain the data's hierarchical nature to be developed with Microsoft's OLE DB standard; in industry standard environments such as Visual Basic and Visual C++, ActiveX Data Objects can be developed quickly for Web or general-purpose applications
  • eTools ODBC: Enables quick development of robust ODBC-compliant applications built from Pick/Basic for Web access or mainstream Windows use
  • eTools JDBC: Opens MultiValue systems to Java, enabling Java developers to exploit the full capabilities of object-oriented programming without concern for database syntax
  • eDesigner Series: A Windows-based tool for mapping, directing, and administrating the data and data paths used by the client system; output from ODBC eDesigner can also be used in a Java environment
  • eConnect ODBC: Provides a direct read connect (via point-and-click transfer) from any MultiValue data source to more than 300 ODBC-compliant applications for Windows, including Excel, Visual Basic, SQL Server, World, Access and FoxPro; Lotus 1-2-3, Notes and Notes Pump, and PowerSoft PowerBuilder; Cognos Impromptu and Powerplay and others

All GA eXpress products are compliant with all MultiValue products, allowing enterprises using MultiValue databases from different vendors to combine GA eXpress products into a single e-business solution.