RealTime IT News Supports Linux Thursday released a Linux client version of Beam-it, its proprietary software that allows consumers to store their CDs on

"Our technology infrastructure is designed to work unilaterally with many operating systems, including Linux, Windows and Macintosh," said Michael Robertson, chairman and chief executive officer of (MPPP). "Everyone should take advantage of this great service, and we're especially pleased to offer it to a community that's helping to shape the future of computing."

The new Linux version of Beam-it, along with the Windows and Macintosh releases, is available to registered users.

Beam-it is the verification component of's service that gives users virtual access to their CD collections. Users simply place a CD in a computer, and after Beam-it verifies the CD, its tracks are made accessible via the user's account. It uses a proprietary verification and security process that lets consumers play their CDs anywhere using via listen-only audio streaming.

Once the CD has been verified and stored in the account, owners can create a virtual jukebox, make customized playlists and use to listen to their entire CD library seamlessly using any Internet access.