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Sun Server Successfully Passes Internet Scaling Test

In what is claimed to be the first-ever, large-scale test of an Internet-based collaborative product commerce solution using Java technology exclusively on the server side, Sun Microsystems' out-of-the-box application was able to successfully scale to support Parametric Technology Corp.'s Windchill Factor! e-Series.

"This was a real-world test of application performance in an Internet environment, and demonstrates the performance and scalability of the Java platform," said Doug Kaewert, vice president of market development and developer relations, Sun (SUNW).

The test was conducted using 1,000 concurrent users on a midrange Sun Enterprise E4500 server running Solaris at Sun's Garrison Laboratory in Burlington, Mass.

This test, according to a statement released by Sun, confirms the scalability of Java technology as an enterprise computing architecture and proves Windchill's readiness.

Windchill has been adopted by a number of major worldwide manufacturing enterprises to support the requirements inherent with having a large number of users.

Windchill is certified for the Java platform, version 1.1.7. One of the objectives of the tests was to quantify the performance and scalability improvements of Windchill on the Java 2 platform. Since Windchill is based on server side Java technology code, the Java Virtual Machine was also a key factor in testing Windchill performance.

This collaboration grew out of a long-term strategic relationship between Sun and Parametric (PMTC). The two companies have worked together on the Windchill application from its inception. A summary of the results, along with corresponding sizing guidelines, will be available from Sun later this quarter.

Windchill can be used in all phases of a product's life cycle — from concept and definition to production, service, maintenance and retirement. The product's aim is to advance collaborative product commerce initiatives by allowing manufacturers to collaborate over the Internet with their customers, suppliers, and partners throughout the product development and delivery process. Windchill's Web-based approach seeks to enable manufacturers to capitalize on enterprise expertise, customer knowledge, and supplier innovation, while accelerating the global introduction of innovative products to market with reduced risk and lower costs.