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EbXML Goes Global with OASIS

The developers of the ebXML Business Process Specification Schema (BPSS) are working to live up to their global billing by forming a new technical committee of the OASIS international standards consortium.

The first order of business of the newly-formed OASIS ebXML Business Process (BP) technical committee, members said, is to further define the royalty-free ebXML BPSS model. The standards work for exchanging data online is geared for binary and multiparty business collaborations both within and between enterprises, said OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards).

ebXML BPSS is often described as a subset among a myriad of standards and protocols being hammered out by standards groups to create specifications for swapping data and conducting business over the Internet.

The ebXML protocol is geared for open, royalty-free standards for business process collaboration, core data components, collaboration protocol agreements, messaging, and registries and repositories.

Companies already using the ebXML for documents and information exchange include General Motors, the US Center for Disease Control, the Pan Asia e-Trade Alliance and TransCanada Pipelines.

In addition, RosettaNet said it has formally adopted ebXML BPSS as a mechanism for expressing business collaborations involving RosettaNet PIPs. Meanwhile, government agencies around the world are increasingly recommending the use of ebXML.

The ebXML BP committee is expected to support the exchange of standards-based business process definitions. In addition, the work of the ebXML BP committee will enable legally enforceable, easily manageable, and fully traceable collaborations, said Dale Moberg of Cyclone Commerce, convenor and proposed co-chair of the OASIS ebXML BP technical committee.