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WarpSpeed Communications Releases XML-Based Message Monitor

WarpSpeed Communications Monday released Automation Interface, a connection manager designed to enable enterprises to meet their networks' peak bandwidth demands by using simple XML messages to automatically invoke one or more dedicated T-1 connections.

The Automation Interface connection manager employs XML to simplify access to WarpSpeed's Bandwidth@WarpSpeed T-1 service. WarpSpeed's service delivers a flexible, cost-effective way for companies to achieve high-bandwidth, point-to-point communications on demand without investing in expensive and static leased lines, a statement released by the company said.

The WarpSpeed network is claimed as the first nationwide broadband network to employ XML as a control mechanism for switching private bandwidth connections.

WarpSpeed's Automation Interface aims to provide superior quality-of-service without affecting applications' quality-of-service experienced by other users and applications running over the company's network at the same time.

When the Automation Interface ceases, it sends another XML message to the Bandwidth@WarpSpeed service to immediately release the T-1 connections. The Automation Interface can also be used to invoke additional bandwidth automatically for specific users, during specific periods of time, or in response to network congestion. It thus terminates the connection when it is no longer needed.

Virtually any application can use WarpSpeed's Automation Interface to access the Bandwidth@WarpSpeed service without alteration by "wrapping" it in a script. Developers can download various sample applications from WarpSpeed's developers' Web site that illustrate several techniques for embedding the setting up and tearing down of WarpSpeed T-1 connections in their own applications.

WarpSpeed's breakthrough Bandwidth@WarpSpeed service combines the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of virtual private networks with the quality-of-service and security of leased lines. The WarpSpeed service delivers on-demand, usage-based, pay-as-you-go bandwidth for a variety of real-time, data-intensive applications.

This enables midtier to large organizations to invoke additional bandwidth automatically through simple XML messages or manually at the touch of a button. WarpSpeed also allows customers to disconnect from the WarpSpeed network as soon as they no longer need its services, requiring them to pay just for what they use.