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XAware.com Debuts XML Tools for E-business

XAware.com Tuesday released its XA-BizTools V1.5 software suite. XA-BizTools is a group of XML-based development tools that allow companies to conduct business-to-business and business-to-consumer communication.

By utilizing XA-BizTools, companies are able to translate data from traditional databases or mainframe applications to and from standardized XML. Unlike other products that purport to migrate enterprise data into native XML or object databases, XA-BizTools suite features a bi-directional XML translation service, that enables current investments in databases and enterprise applications to be preserved.

By using XML with their data, an enterprise can enable secure, bi-directional communication with suppliers, customers, partners, and internal departments, regardless of the format of their internal data. The tools also enable standard data formats within an enterprise, allowing rapid enterprise application integration that is based on XML.

Additionally, third party application vendors are supporting XML, including SAP, PeopleSoft, and Siebel, so developers can establish bi-directional, XML-based conversations with a company's other internal applications.

XA-BizTools software suite is available now from XAware.com, with retail pricing starting at $99. To download a 30-day free trial, or for additional information, visit the XAware.com Web site.