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Data Junction Releases XML-Enabling Product

Data transformation software vendor Data Junction Corp. this week released XML Junction.

XML Junction aims to provide e-commerce and business integration professionals with the ability to XML-enable virtually any application or data source for a full range of e-commerce integration, application integration, and business-to-business data exchange projects.

XML Junction features the automated creation of Document Type Definitions (DTDs) and XML documents, as well as a myriad data-mapping and data-manipulation capabilities.

The product leverages Data Junction's proven drag-and-drop interface and integration engine to rapidly map and transform more than 100 application and data formats to XML. DTDs and XML documents are automatically created. This enables data stored in any format (e.g., EDI, XML, SQL, Cobol, HL7 and SAP) to be published to the Web or exchanged with any external application.

In addition, data stored in XML documents and traditional applications can be manipulated to ensure compliance with any standard, such as those used by BizTalk, Schema.net, Ariba's Commerce XML and Financial Products Markup Language (FpML), as well as non-XML business-to-business standards, such as Open Buying on the Internet and RosettaNet.

XML Junction will be available as a free download through July 31 on Data Junction Corporation's site. After that the product will sell for $895. XML Junction also contains online documentation and tutorials.

Founded in 1985, Data Junction Corp. specializes in data transformation software. It claims a customer base of more than 110,000 licensed users that includes Fortune 1000 companies, major consulting firms and software vendors.

Data Junction Corp. sells directly to value-added resellers and corporations in the United States and the United Kingdom, and through distribution partners in, Germany, France, Italy, Benelux, Scandinavia, Japan, and Australia.