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Tanyitech Systems Announces Easy XML Tool

Tanyitech Systems recently released of Easy XML 1.0, a powerful editor that facilitates the rapid creation of XML applications for e-business.

Easy XML enables developers to create, validate, manipulate and transform XML structures directly from ODBC data sources, including Microsoft Access, Oracle, and MS SQL Server, as well as from URLs and local files. By utilizing Easy XML, non-programmers can create XML documents "quickly, easily, and in an iterative fashion."

This new XML tool provides a simple user interface that represents two views of the XML data. By providing both a text view and a tree view, Easy XML gives the developer the ability to make minor changes such as adding DTD/Schema, URLs and processing instruction with the text view, and use the tree view for XML document structure manipulation and transformation. By working with the standard building blocks of XML (i.e. Elements, Attributes and Text), authors can create data structures which may be easily reproduced. Features include:

  • An easy to use interface
  • Full syntax coloring for XML, HTML, CSS, and XSL
  • Full support for ODBC databases (e.g. Oracle, Access, SQL Server)
  • Edit View and DOM Tree View
  • Support for remote XML documents via URLs
  • Right-click context sensitive menus
  • XML Parsing and Validation
  • Features which allow developers to transform and manipulate XML DOM tree structure
  • An organized and structured online help system
Easy XML was designed for web developers, consultants, database analysts, and newcomers to the world of e-commerce applications. Easy XML sells for a retail price of $39 for a single user license, and may be purchased from the Tanyitech web site.

For additional information, or to download a free 30-day trial version of Easy XML, visit the Tanyitech Web site.