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XML Encryption Added to Apache Project

UPDATED: The Apache Foundation has announced the addition of a beta implementation of XML Encryption to its XML Security Project, another small step towards full implementation of security standards in the pared-down markup language.

The XML Security Project, a volunteer unit of the Apache Foundation, focuses on W3C standards for XML security implementation.

With the beta for XML Encryption, the Project has added support for the encrypting and decrypting of XML-based digital content.

The latest release also includes an initial implementation of pluggable algorithm handlers. The XML Security Project currently offer two libraries -- a Java library with a mature Digital Signature implementation and a more basic C++ library.

While XML has enjoyed increased adoption for data exchange between a range of applications, the growth of the programming language has been held back by security concerns.

Though encryption of an entire XML document is considered straightforward, developers have had a hard time encrypting, testing and decrypting sections of documents.

The W3C has set up a working group to develop specs for XML security. The work deals with issues of XML encryption, XML signature, XACL, SAML, and XKMS. Information on the W3C's work is available online.

Updates prior version, which said the release came out Thursday