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Netegrity's SiteMinder 4.0 Includes J2EE Extension

Earlier this week, e-commerce infrastructure solutions provider Netegrity Inc. (NETE) announced that SiteMinder 4.0 will support and extend the Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE).

SiteMinder provides enterprises with a scalable and reliable platform for centrally securing and managing e-commerce portals and their affiliates.

SiteMinder 4.0's support for J2EE will provide enterprises with a centralized security and management solution for component-based Java applications. This solution seeks to provide the Java community with a complete solution for securely managing the critical J2EE technologies, including Enterprise JavaBeans, JavaServer Pages, and Java Servlets.

Netegrity also announced a strategic partnership with BEA to integrate SiteMinder with BEA's market J2EE application servers.

This version of SiteMinder, according to a statement issued by Netegrity, will enable enterprises to define policies that centrally manage authorization and access control based on user entitlements. As a result, SiteMinder provides a centralized security management infrastructure that spans across the entire enterprise for heterogeneous corporate infrastructures.

As part of its J2EE strategy, Netegrity will introduce new Java agent technology in SiteMinder for J2EE application servers. These Java agents will protect EJB, JSP, and Java Servlets executing within a J2EE-compliant application server. With Java agents deployed, SiteMinder will provide authentication as well as a very granular level of access control to the Java components contained within the application server.

Netegrity's Java agent technology for J2EE will support the major J2EE application servers and servlet engines. As part of a phased rollout, SiteMinder will initially support BEA's WebLogic Server 5.1, followed by IBM's WebSphere 3.0 Advanced Edition.

In future releases of SiteMinder, Netegrity plans to provide support for the new Java Authentication and Authorization Standard (JAAS) as well as bring new capabilities to the J2EE market, such as affiliate services for securely managing partnerships and delegated administration tools.

SiteMinder 4.0's support for BEA WebLogic Server and IBM WebSphere will be available later this quarter.

Netegrity is a global e-commerce infrastructure company that provides solutions for securely managing and personalizing business-to-business, business-to-consumer and intranet portals. Although SiteMinder is its flagship product, Netegrity also maintains an extensive worldwide network of partners, distributors and resellers.