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XMLSolutions Announces Interactive XML Schema, DTD Management Tool

XMLSolutions Corp. recently released Schema Central 1.0, an innovative product which enables companies that are currently planning or using XML-based systems to dynamically access XML Schemas and DTDs.

Additionally, Schema Central reduces redundant development efforts and accelerates the time to market by providing a centralized management facility for everything XML.

XMLSolutions believes that their products make XML manageable and keeps XML from fractionating into different dialects. As the number of XML standards increase, companies need a mechanism to managing those standards, including RosettaNet, xCBL, FpML, cXML, FIXML, ebXML and Microsoft BizTalk, along with their own internal standards. Schema Central provides a tool for managing XML dialects and creating relationships between those dialects.

Schema Central provide mapping and transformation functions which enable developers to map their own internal DTDs to external industry standard DTDs. The product also provides a real-time DTD reference repository with which developers can validate all XML documents without worrying about where the physical DTDs are stored on the network.

Schema Central's server-based pricing starts at $25,000.