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AmberPoint, Systinet Bundling For SOA

Two leaders in the service-oriented architecture (SOA) space are pairing up to provide a cost-effective management and registry system.

SOA management provider AmberPoint and SOA repository specialist Systinet have jointly developed a software and services pack for customers looking to manage a robust distributed computing architecture.

The SOA Starter Pack includes AmberPoint Management Foundation and the Systinet Registry, as well as support services and on -site training. It is being offered now as one contract for $25,000.

Available in .NET and J2EE , Management Foundation uses policies to manage, secure and track SOAs, a form of distributed computing that allows developers to reuse software code in order to boost efficiency and lower costs. Systinet Registry helps workers publish, find, reuse and manage business services.

Ed Horst, AmberPoint's vice president of marketing, said there are clear synergies between the products.

For example, AmberPoint automatically detects changes in the Systinet registry and updates the management system. Systinet helps AmberPoint determine the security and transport protocols supported by a given Web service, which is a form of application-to-application communication used to complete such tasks as purchase orders. AmberPoint can then enter the appropriate information about a Web service into the Systinet registry.

Horst and David Butler, Systinet's vice president of marketing, believe the offering will speed return-on-investment for customers looking for an SOA and UDDI management bundle. The executives also reason that the product is about half what it would cost for customers to procure such products and services separately.

Moreover, Oakland, Calif.'s, AmberPoint and Cambridge, Mass.'s, Systinet share customers, including the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), France Telecom and Motorola.

Until the AmberPoint/Systinet deal, companies in the SOA and Web services space have steered clear from each other, preferring to develop their messages in a market that continues to evolve. Infravio, Digital Evolution, Actional and Cape Clear have stood alone in fostering products, as have larger vendors Microsoft , IBM , BEA Systems and Oracle .

The advantages of the AmberPoint/Systinet deal were not lost on ZapThink analyst Ronald Schmelzer.

"What makes this partnership unique is that they will be bundling each other's solutions and selling the joint package to their customers," Schmelzer told internetnews.com. "This allows them to provide a complete WS Management/Repository solution without having the customer buy, configure, or install them separately. This makes a lot of sense and strengthens each of the company's positions in the market."

Moreover, it highlights a purchasing trend on the part of customers, he said.

"We are starting to see that end-users are establishing the ways in which they purchase Web services and SOA technology -- they realize they need runtime infrastructure as well as management, security, and metadata management and repository capabilities," Schmelzer said.